Managing highly complex projects is our domain

Our ten-year success in large-scale software development derives from our fully in-house workflow and compact expert team, who have all the necessary make-or-break skills to support the entire project from end to end. Our tight network enables us to bring efficiency and value to each phase in the development of complex customized solutions.

Our Process


Successful change begins with partnership

Our first step is to take the time to listen to you, to discuss your needs and expectations, and to identify clear business objectives. In this way — as one team — we invest in the project journey as a critical business solution.

Our experience in large-scale software development has shown that a lack of partner engagement can have fatal consequences downstream. Our mission is to maintain continuous collaboration and communication from strategy to delivery. This ensures genuine alignment between business needs and the IT solutions being developed.


Purpose-driven, data assisted

We undertake diligent industry-wide analyses to identify opportunities and threats. We cover industry trends and challenges, competitive analysis, emerging technologies, and existing and targeted user needs and mindsets.

A full picture of the industry terrain allows us to plot a winning course and to seize new enterprise opportunities.


The comprehensive route to change

A critical next step — one that we have seen few undertake with sufficient rigour —is to build a roadmap.

A roadmap strategically plots the technology requirements to achieve new business capabilities and clearly identifies the most cost- and time-efficient route.

While building a roadmap is quite a complex undertaking, we help you through the process by identifying the best combination of technologies, tools, languages, and platforms that will achieve the optimal TCO.

A detailed Project Scope follows, outlining preliminary architecture, features, flows, and functions.

Quality Assurance

Large-scale engineering at its very best

At Reactway, quality is baked into our entire development process. Staying ahead of the curve, we leverage cutting-edge technology, adhere fully to strict coding standards, and conduct thorough QA checks.

Because of substantial code changes and the vast quantity of interdependent systems in large-scale projects, regression impact can also increase. We understand this and the mission critical role that extensive testing plays in software quality. We never compromise on the time and the focus necessary to complete comprehensive testing at the end of each code drop.

Monitor and Control

There’s no substitute for experience

Large-scale digital projects are complex technologically, they involve simultaneous changes to multiple systems, increased risks, and can easily derail with the slightest of oversights. Such projects demand a higher level of visibility and control to ensure that problems can be identified before they become too large to rectify or cause irreversible damage.

We use advanced AML tools to fully support project management tasks of huge scale, complexity, and variables. With expert strategy, design, and engineering working under one roof — we have the tools, experience, and the organizational structure to react quickly and make swift adjustments, minimizing delays and rework costs.

Support and Evolve

In it with you for the long haul

We ensure that your system is fully functional, continues to perform as expected, and scales with your needs.